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How is the sander rotor designed?

Posted: 14 Mar 2019, 01:04
by crushermachine2
Do you know what new design is used in the ZENITH sander rotor? I believe some friends know, but many of my friends don't know. The ZENITH sand making machine has been developed by experts for 5,000 hours, and its rotor has been optimized in terms of process parameters and mechanical parameters from a geometric point of view.
In addition, we have adopted the finite element calculation method in the design of the rotor of the sand making machine. After repeated calculation and correction design, the large stress at the dangerous section is 130MPa at the maximum working speed of the rotor, which satisfies the requirements of design and material selection. The sand making machine equipment produced by our company has successively crushed the materials with different materials such as sintered high alumina bauxite, waste magnet, steel slag and tin ore, and obtained the ideal crushing effect. After the equipment is finished, it is still The electrical stress measurement of the rotor is carried out, and the results are in agreement with the finite element calculation. The accuracy of the finite element calculation is verified, and the safety and reliability of the actual rotor operation is confirmed. After the rotor of the sand making machine is modified, it is more suitable for the application of the gravel production line. . It is also more conducive to the protection of the environment, and has played a great role in curbing the pollution situation.
This time, you know what kind of new design is used in the ZENITH sand making machine rotor. I believe that wise users will choose such high quality and low cost sand and gravel equipment.