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By Liam.
Malaysia’s east coast is the top spot to catch some rays for those living in KL — it’s cheap and easy to reach by plane on one of the country’s budget airlines, even for just a long weekend. The water is crystal clear, the beaches are powdery soft and blindingly white.
By jacob3
Sounds amazing! Hmmm. I'd better check AirAsia or Tiger Air on my next visit. I don't know other budget airlines in Malaysia.
By Liam.
I went to Pantai Cermin last weekend while driving past Port Dickson and stopped at the beach there. It's really nice and the water is crazy warm. There's millions of teeny tiny crabs, it's a really unique place.
By jacob3
tiny crabs like hermit crabs? I like hermit crabs. Just collecting them then I will set them free before I leave the beach
By Liam.
Yep, tiny hermit crabs. They were to cute to watch and hold, their shells are so beautiful. I do the same
By Liam.
Come and visit our sabahan islands like Langkayan Island at Sandakan which is very relaxing and peaceful. Well... Malaysia have so much place to visited

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