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By ylq123
On the day after school, I invited the students to go to Suzhou Huqiu Marlboro 100S Cigarettes. I have already heard the teacher introduce that the Tiger Hill Tower is a sloping tower. It has experienced the scouring of the long river of history. It is not easy to preserve it for thousands of years. Huqiushan relies on beautiful scenery. The scenery, the long history and cultural landscape, enjoys the reputation of ��the first place in Wuzhong��. We follow the mountain and listen to the explanations of the guides along the way, listening to all the attractions. It is said that Wu Wangfu was buried in the spring and autumn when his father was here. On the third day after the funeral, there was a white tiger on it, hence the name Tiger Hill Tower. Walking on the road, all the way to the shadows of the mountains and the towers, the picturesque scenery on the way to the Huqiu Mountain can be seen along the way, "Yuquan", Wu Wangzheng "dry will", Moxie" after the sword test "sword stone", " Each of the attractions is full of beautiful legends, such as the Tomb of the True Mother, the Thousand Stones, the Sword Pool, the Erxian Pavilion, and the Nodding Stone. The Tiger Hill Tower that stands in the sky is more Chinese. The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa listens to the legend of Tiger Hill Tower, saying that it is a ancient tomb under the Tiger Hill Tower, and the bottom of the tower is sunken, causing the tower to tilt. The tower originally had nine floors, and after repairing it became seven layers. The top floor is in shape, in the hope of restoring or slowing down the slope. Now each layer is reinforced with steel and cemented to strengthen the tower with a strong body frame. This avoids the tilting of the tower. It��s the most beautiful admiration for Huqiushan. There are not only beautiful scenery, but also long history and legends that are reminiscent and worthy of appreciation. Surrounded by clear river water, the river is floating in the water, the ancient wood in the river, a large number of ancient trees, dragonflies, cedar, cypress, pine, ginkgo, and magnolia grow vigorously. Pavilions and pavilions, gardens and plaques, towering gold and jade, make people beautiful and shopping in Suzhou is Guanqian Street and Hepingjiang Road. There are lots of snacks and clothes here, and it is a very distinctive street. Especially the night is more brilliant Bulk Cigarettes For Sale. The specialties here are famous for their fasting. A variety of pastries and dried beans. There are also plums and hazelnuts, etc., and the silk here is also a must, silk cheongsam, silk scarves, as well as hand-embroidered bags, cloth bracelets. Some are very expensive, it is a real luxury; but there are also very cheap, it is a copy, but the color is gorgeous. There are also a variety of snacks, pastries, very lively and full of food. Guanqian Street is a commercial street, while Pingjiang Road is simple and has Jiangnan characteristics. Pingjiang Road lives in the river, on the right is the Jiangnan family, on the left is goods and snacks. The embroidery here is really beautiful, but the price is very high. I remember picking up a hand-embroidered fan, fanning at the companion fan, and squinting at the companion and saying: Cool! This fan is a hundred yuan, definitely cool! So we haha ??walked away from Pingjiang Road. It is really a beautiful road. The bridge is flowing and the walls are covered with tiles. It��s just that the old Wang Xietang has been the home of the people. Perhaps the shape of the main hall is still there, and the carved window is still visible. The old style, but the high wall has long been unable to stop the invasion of the city life, occasionally a historical sling, but also paying the window sill beam, flowing water, leaving and describing the indistinguishable stone pier. Perhaps only the Qushui people's sweeping and busy, the short parents of Wu Yu's soft words are the longest memories of Suzhou culture. The smoke and the fragrance of the books are mixed in the memory, telling the story of Suzhou in the past, there is a mysterious view in Guanqian Street. . If there is no mysterious view or a narrow cultural subject, it is like re-establishing a department store market, rather than reproducing the brilliance of mysterious views. The hustle and bustle of the business atmosphere, covering or submerging the human landscape, it is only dusty and less cultural. Only the humanities and natural landscapes, lacking the commercial culture that suits them, is just an isolated attraction, not a busy downtown. The new "before" is a cultural revelation. Without the brilliance of cultural subjects, even if there is a better commercial prosperity, it is still not a typical commercial street in Suzhou, which contains so many historical stories. It is worth our deep investigation and exploration. I went shopping with my classmates and actually learned to explore the deeper meaning of street architecture. In every street and attraction, there is a long history and legend. So we bought a lot of snacks and cakes, and I want to bring back my heart to my family and colleagues after I go home.
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