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By ylq123
It is a mountain that is going to be tall and straight; it is a sea that will be surging; an eagle will struggle to fly, and it will be higher than the test.ancients "the water of the Yellow River comes up in the sky and rushes to the sea and never returns." It came from the snow-covered plateau of the snow-capped mountains Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes Usa, and it has gone through many hardships, breaking through the obstacles of the Loess Plateau, and the imprint of the gully plateau of the Loess Plateau. It is the testimony of the determination of the Yellow River to return to the sea. "The sky is green, the wild, the wind and the grass see the cattle and sheep," quiet, beautiful and charming, the vast Inner Mongolia prairie is not attractive, tempting to live in the Yellow River's firm belief in the heart of the sea, the fertile land, high-rise buildings, the innocent North China Plain Keep the pace of greed in the Yellow River. The power of nature is great, and the faith of nature is sacred and eternal. It is because of the power of faith that the background of nature is constantly refreshing.bout human society? During the Second World War, due to the ambition of Nazi Germany to achieve their dominance of the world, a large-scale genocidal policy was imposed on Jews in Germany and Poland, and hundreds of prisoners�� concentration camps rose from the ground up. The Jews were displaced from their homes, and the Jews who were arrested struggled and squatted in the concentration camp. It can be said that the concentration camp is the base of most Jews. The tragic and bleak scene is terrible. More Jews were almost desperate because of the bloody massacre and strong repression of the Germans. But the temperament shown by a young man among the Jews being detained is convincing. His destiny is in the same cell as his companions and his family, and he faces the danger and challenge of death at any time. But just before he was arrested, his wife was pregnant with his child. Before leaving, his wife used tears of eager anticipation, longing, and encouragement. He must be strong and return. She and her children will wait for him to come back. Will the child born in the future wait for him to be named? The young man comforted his wife with tears. He will come back, and he will. It was the power of the firm belief that he would definitely return, and he was refreshed. In the concentration camp, he used a small stone as a shovel every night, excavating the tunnel on the wall of the cell, and the soil dug every night was carried out during the day. For ten years, he has excavated a "green passage" on the wall of a hard cell with the power of his unyielding belief, and crushed the stone of evil with a firm light of faith. He fled successfully on a night of lightning and thunder, and he jumped over the line of defense, with the power of gratitude, joyful tears and conviction to reunite with his wife and children he had not seen for ten years. That grateful, sour and worried, tears of thoughts, the touching scenes that have not reunited for a long time make people feel moved, let people move, let people burst into tears. The child asked his father curiously, surprised, and sighed. "The fate of thousands of Jews who were locked up in concentration camps was so tragic. What forces made you survive and flee?" The young man touched the child's head with tears and said: "It was the dream of the year." The strength of our family's conviction of reunion and the promise that I must return have given me a firm belief, giving me courage, confidence and strength. It is the power of faith that has revived every successful person, behind every miracle, behind every legendary story, there is a firm belief, how many times of failure and bitterness, how many times of pain and tempering. But we have a long way to go Cheep Newport Red 100'S, and we have the courage to move forward without the direction and strength. The high mountains can not stop the firm belief and the wings of ideals, and the deep sea can not overwhelm the sail of our faith. Let us raise the sail of faith, let the sound of the waves accompany us, wave the strings of fate, play the horn of youth, and draw a grand blueprint. Between the reefs, in the wind, we bravely open our arms, use the boiling blood to keep the faith of life, and write our regretless youth praise songs to achieve their own brilliant life.

Faith is a beacon in the sea, indicating the heading to the disappointed and disappointed people; the belief is the Beidou in the dark night sky, indicating the way forward for the people who travel far in the dark, the belief is the lamp, the belief is the tower, the belief is the road sign Faith is compass, bring faith to the road, create your own legendary story, write your own bizarre myth, let us raise the ideal sail, adhere to the conviction of perseverance, let the firm belief to escort our success.

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