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Thank you for your interest in advertising on the Forumine Forum!

Forumine runs a public targeted Ad platform system where both Forumine members
and non-members can place adverts on any forum of their choosing.

To place ads on Forumine, design your digital banner
(we usually advice using a professional digital graphic designer).
We also follow a uniform attributes and dimensions to optimize for full Ad performance.
i.e: Your ad banner must be borderless, 300 pixels x 100 pixels on the maximum,
compressed to occupy the least space as possible (usually less than 30kb),
and in the PNG or JPG format. Once it's ready, click (Upload Ad) to upload your
banner ad and landing page, and wait for approval. (usually takes about a few hours).

After your ad is approved, we will provide you with information about how to purchase
advertising credits so you can freely place your ads on any section of Forumine,
including the home page. Our system is extremely simple by design.

Please see our Estimated Advertising Rates to find out how much it'll cost to advertise
on the various sections of Forumine on the long run (prices on the short term are
strongly correlated with traffic levels). Billing takes place every few minutes and
you will get detailed reports on unique clicks and views and charges for each
ad/section and for your entire account over various time periods.

In case of further questions, please mail the administrator at admin@forumine.com
We look forward to doing business with you!

Best regards,
Team Forumine
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