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By Iamranty
I currently work for a small information technology company which gives me some of my free time unlike my previous job plus I even get to work from home some of the time, cool! So, instead of getting home and probably spend my life on Snapchat and Netflix, I am considering signing up for either Uber or Lyft

A lot of factors come to play here as im female in my mid 20's and I guess most of my "customers" will be men. Some of them might find it inconvenient for me to drive them and some might even see my service as an avenue to take advantage of. Im not sure if there is anyone somewhere willing to give a few advice as to how to go about this, but I guess giving this a shot won't hurt. :?:
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By fairytale
Its a trap man, don't.. just kidding. For real, uber drivers will be very sorry in near future that they put so much time and effort into making pennies and still in debt to banks for buying new cars.. better to be broke then broken.
The most annoying part of my experience driving for uber and lyft is when you give them all the goodies you got and be the most careful driver and still an asshole can give you a 1 star with NO EXPLANATION. Yuck!
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By Username
See, the truth is you can make more money being an independent courier driver. Taking into consideration how you also get to be your own boss as well. Make contacts with some of the courier companies in your area and see what their payout percentage is. A nice SUV will definitely give you all the rooms you want.

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