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High-efficiency production of lean coal pulverized coal vertical mill equipment manufacturers which

Posted: August 15th, 2019, 8:54 pm
by crushermachine2
As a major coal resource country, according to the degree of coalification, China has storage from lignite to anthracite. The types of pulverized coal that can be used for blast furnace injection are very rich, among which, as the lean coal between the anthracite and bituminous coal, the reserves are Huge, the currently available recoverable reserves are about 146.8 billion tons, and the market price is relatively low. If such coal types can be exploited and utilized, it will have a major impact on economic development. On the one hand, it can improve the level of production and processing, on the other hand, it can save production costs and enable enterprises to develop more efficiently. In addition to its application in new industrial fields, lean coal is also a fuel for power plants and power station boilers, which also plays an important role in the development of China's heavy industry.
Coal is the main raw material for industrial production in China, and efficient use of coal resources is of great significance to economic development. Lean coal is one of the coal resources, with high degree of coalification, low volatile content, and high utilization value. The selection of high-efficiency pulverized coal production line equipment can improve market value. TL model coal powder vertical roller mill is a new type of powder production line equipment, which can efficiently process coal powder and promote rational optimization of resources.
As a mineral resource with great development potential, efficient and comprehensive utilization can realize resource production. SBM heavy machine coal powder vertical mill is a high-efficiency powder production line equipment developed for the development status of China's coal industry. The whole set of equipment is reasonable in configuration and high in powder quality. The vertical grinding system consists of a main machine, a feeder, a classifier, a blower, a pipe device, a storage hopper, an electric control system, and a collection system. The quality of the production products is stable, the product granularity is uniform, the particle size distribution is narrow, the fluidity is good, and the product adaptability is strong. It is a favorable weapon for efficient processing and comprehensive utilization of coal powder, and is also one of the currently popular production line equipment.