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With the improvement of the level of science and technology, the comprehensive utilization value of coal gangue has been greatly improved and developed. As a vertical roller mill grinding machine focusing on the field of coal gangue milling, SBM heavy machine is in line with the development needs of the market, and continuously carries out technological innovation and Innovative, high-yield and high-efficiency gangue vertical roller mills have stronger price and selection characteristics, higher powder extraction rate, not only large capacity, but also energy saving and emission reduction. It is a powerful weapon to enhance the utilization value of coal gangue resources.
1. Application status of coal gangue
According to authoritative data, in 2013, the total production of coal gangue in China was close to 750 million tons, and the comprehensive utilization was 480 million tons, accounting for 64% of the total annual output, of which 150 million tons of coal gangue were used for power generation, accounting for 32% of the total comprehensive utilization. %; the production and utilization of building materials is 56 million tons, accounting for 12% of the total comprehensive utilization; the amount of coal gangue used for land reclamation, filling mine goaf and backfill subsidence area is about 260 million tons, accounting for 56% of the comprehensive utilization. At present, the technologies that have been developed are more advanced and have good environmental-economic benefits: energy utilization of coal gangue, power generation and utilization of building materials.
2. Analysis of application methods of coal gangue
For coal gangue with high carbon content, ie carbon content ≥ 20% (heat value is 6270 ~ 12550kJ / kg), it can be directly used as fuel for fluidized bed boiler for coal gangue power generation. In the field of building materials, the performance of coal gangue sintered self-insulating block as an energy-saving green product can meet the requirements of national building energy saving of 65%. Coal gangue can produce ceramsite light aggregate, can produce cement, can produce chemical products, can be used to improve soil and promote surrounding ecological restoration. With the development of coal gangue comprehensive utilization technology, the available way of coal gangue will be continuously Expansion and extension, as an advanced milling tool for coal gangue, SBM heavy-duty coal gangue vertical roller mill grinding machine will also adapt to the development needs of the industry and make due contributions to the utilization value of coal gangue resource utilization.
3. The value of coal gangue vertical roller mill grinding machine
SBM heavy-duty coal gangue vertical roller mill grinding machine is a high-quality equipment successfully manufactured for the resource utilization of the industry. It integrates drying, grinding, grading and conveying. The structure is compact and the floor space is small. It is only a ball mill. 50%, can be set up in the open air, low construction cost, high degree of automation, equipped with automatic control system, can realize remote control, easy operation, system whole sealing, full negative pressure operation, no dust overflow, basically can achieve dust-free workshop, The preferred equipment for coal gangue to realize resource utilization and processing.
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