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What are the methods for adjusting the output of jaw crusher? First of all, we must ensure that the power supply voltage of the crusher production process is stable and the production has a good condition; the wiring position of the jaw crusher motor is reversed, which affects the work of the motor. The size of the discharge port of the jaw crusher is small, and the production output is reduced, and the discharge port is blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the size of the discharge opening; the displacement of the jaw of the jaw crusher will also affect the equipment. Working condition and work efficiency, to ensure the position of the seesaw is suitable; after the use of the jaw crusher for a period of time, the jaw structure and the bearing wear increase the working gap, the bearing rotates relative to the outer ring, so that the output is reduced, and the seesaw can be checked frequently. And the wear condition of the bearing and replace it in time. When the output of the jaw crusher in Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry declines, it is necessary to find the key to the problem according to the possible failure, find the problem in time and solve the problem, and ensure that the equipment can operate efficiently. The crusher manufacturer SBM Heavy Industry, declined to reprint!
What are the accessories that affect the production of crushers in Shanghai?
What are the accessories that affect the production of crushers in Shanghai? When it comes to the production efficiency of crushers, it is not difficult to think of the wearing parts of crushing equipment. It can also be said that it is accessories or parts. Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Crusher manufacturers give customers a simple analysis. First, the high-speed transformation of the hammer causes a sharp impact between the material and the hammer and the screen and the tooth plate, which is called crushing of the material. In the process of severe impact, the hammer will gradually wear under the impact of the front of the material, and the impact effect and the crushing effect will be greatly reduced, resulting in a decrease in work efficiency. Secondly, the bearing is an important part for fixing and reducing the friction coefficient during the working process. Because the machine not only increases the energy consumption of the metal crusher but also easily damages the bearing when the machine is running at high speed, Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry adopts pre-lubricated bearings, which is The bearing has its own lubricant. Professional manufacturer of crusher, Shanghai crusher, Yunnan crusher, please look for SBM Heavy Industry!
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