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Since there are so many steel slag formations in the industry, how do you deal with these steel slags? Vertical mill processing steel slag as an excellent production process, what is the value of vertical grinding and grinding steel slag? Steel slag vertical roller mill drives the grinding disc through the reducer The material falls from the feed port to the center of the grinding disc through the feeder, and the hot air enters the mill from the air inlet. As the grinding disc rotates, the material moves to the edge of the grinding disc under the action of centrifugal force. When it passes through the annular groove on the grinding disc, it is crushed by the grinding roller and crushed. After the crushing, the material is brought up by the high-speed airflow of the wind ring at the edge of the grinding disc, and the large particles fall directly to the grinding disc. After re-grinding, when the material in the airflow passes through the upper classifier, under the action of the rotating rotor, the coarse powder falls from the cone to the grinding disc and is re-grinded. The qualified fine powder is ground together with the airflow and collected by the dust collecting device. The product, containing moisture, is dried during contact with the hot gas stream, and can meet the requirements of different humidity materials by adjusting the hot air temperature. By adjusting the classifier, the thickness required for different products can be achieved.
1. Steel slag is used in cement production. Steel slag is a material containing silicate and iron aluminate mineral phase calcined at high temperature. It has similar chemical composition to cement clinker and has hydraulic activity, so it has gelling properties. Waste slag should partially replace or completely replace Portland cement, which is expensive to manufacture and expensive. China's research on steel slag cement is at the international leading level. The steel slag cements currently produced mainly include steel slag slag cement, steel slag slag Portland cement, steel slag zeolite cement and steel slag ordinary cement. The production of steel slag cement generally follows the following process:
2. The physical and mechanical properties of steel slag used in road engineering steel slag depends on the treatment process. Generally, the steel slag with slow cooling treatment has large specific gravity, high hardness, anti-wear and low water absorption. It is a good aggregate for road construction and is stored for one year. The above steel slag, due to partial decomposition, the grading of the mixed steel slag is close to the asphalt concrete aggregate grading requirements. The mixed steel slag is directly used as the asphalt concrete aggregate, and the batching operation is convenient and simple. The steel slag is used as a road foundation, and not only can the steel slag be used in a large amount, but also a large amount of ground steel slag can be saved.
3. Steel slag is used in agricultural steel slag containing a large amount of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide, which can be used to improve acidic soil. Other trace elements can also increase the yield of crops. Especially if the content of P205 is above 5%, it can be used as phosphate fertilizer. There is no exact and scientific conclusion on the application research of steel slag in agriculture. The experimental research on soil type and crop species representative surface is not enough, especially the effect of steel slag fertilizer on soil structure after large application, and the trace element in steel slag Fruit transfer, fertilizer aftereffect and adaptability to soil also require long-term experimental observation, and experience is accumulated to promote the application according to local conditions.
Steel slag is used as smelting flux converter slag and flat furnace slag with high calcium oxide content. It also contains manganese oxide and iron oxide. It can not only replace limestone, but also recover useful metals. For example, steel slag is used as solvent for sintering. Steel slag has vertical grinding. The following advantages:
A. It can improve the gas transport property of the material layer, accelerate the vertical sintering speed, and achieve the purpose of strengthening sintering;
B. It can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase reduction rate, and reduce weathering rate:
C. Reduce the cost of sintering. Practice has proved that steel slag is good for smelting flux and will not affect the quality of sinter and pig iron.
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