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When the hammer Gravel crushers is used, the hammer head receives more than the scouring and grinding of the material. The hammer head itself bears the wear caused by the impact force, so whether it is a single-stage hammer crusher or a vertical shaft hammer crusher As long as it is used, it will withstand the impact damage required for its own work. Due to the simultaneous effects of these two aspects, over time, the hammer head will definitely wear out, and the appearance of the hammer head and the edges and corners on both sides will be gradually polished into a smooth arc.
From a professional point of view, the hammer head of the hammer crusher is abraded in this way: When the hammer crusher's hammer head was put into production, there was no wear on the surface and the corners. The hammer head mainly received the impact force. Hit the hammer head surface with a forward force, causing the hammer head to deform and emboss. However, if the hammer head is worn out, due to the decomposition of the bearing surface of the hammer head, the reverse force of the hammer head hammer surface will impact the hammer head Force, and the tangential force exerts a cutting force on the hammer. It directly causes the Gravel crusher for sale to reduce the impact force when crushing materials, reducing production efficiency and increasing crushing time.
Therefore, when the force of the hammer head of the hammer crusher shifts and the wear effect of the hammer head changes, it indicates that the service life of the hammer head is about to end and the hammer head will fail. If you find this situation in your work, you must resolve it as soon as possible and try to avoid it in your work.
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