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By Boss larry
johnthan wrote:
May 9th, 2018, 2:39 am
Who has created the death clock site ...
What is the reason...?
Is it to entertain or something really serious about this...?
Many have argued the death clock site is more of occult than harmless. Imagine a website that starts a countdown time till exactly the day you get to die. There are definitely hundreds of other fake death clock sites but the one mentioned in this video has been tied to lots of weird stories. I did a little digging before posting that video and decided how that website got famous, it consecutively and accurately predicted the deaths of a Mark Fisher and a Chris (No last name for this) in 2014.

There was a 2 day lag between when it predicted their deaths and when it actually happened and their deaths were both of natural cause. It's still some kind of unexplainable mystery till this day.
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By johnthan
I watched a video where a person was explaining the NASA plans and some tech (UFO & machines...).

I saw there he also explained a machine which predicts the future. It is actually mathematical calculation and show/finds the probability of occurrence of such things. Also people agree, this is one reason of Simpson cartoon prediction. And also involved in many events like WWI, WWII,... and controlling/brainwashing mind.

I personally think it could be same. Or someone just knows how he can find the probability because I believe everything here is based on a formula. I am afraid if using such website is okay or not...possible this website is not only a site but to track people for reason.
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