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With the development of the mining industry, Raymond mill occupy an important position in the mining industry. After the Raymond mill equipment has been used for a long time, the seal ring at the pipe joint will be aging. It should be checked regularly and the seal ring should be replaced if necessary to facilitate the production of the machine. However, there are some problems in the process of use, what are the factors that affect the output of the mill?
1. The hardness of the material. Everyone knows that the harder the material, the more difficult it is to produce the Raymond mill, and the greater the wear on the machine, which will cause the production speed of the Raymond mill to slow down, which will lead to the Raymond mill. Low Yield. 2. The humidity of the material. The humidity of the material means that the moisture contained in the material is relatively large, so the material easily adheres to the inner wall of the Raymond mill, which also causes blockage during the feeding process of the material, thereby reducing the production capacity of the Raymond mill and the low output. . 3. The fineness of the material. The fineness of the material is the requirement of the material after the grinding of the Raymond mill. The higher the fineness requirement, the smaller the grinding ability of the Raymond mill will also result. In addition to the above-mentioned problems that need attention, it is also necessary to pay attention to some details in the production process, and the Raymond mill should be properly maintained and maintained regularly. The problem of sealing, after the use of Raymond mill equipment for a long time, the sealing ring of the pipe joint will be aging, it should be checked regularly, and if necessary, the sealing ring should be replaced in time to facilitate the production of the machine. The second is to regularly add butter to the Raymond mill equipment to ensure that the bearings and other components work smoothly. Henan SBM Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of grinding machines. The company not only provides customers with industrial milling equipment and jaw crusher equipment with wide selectivity, reasonable matching, reliable quality and high cost performance. According to the customer's actual site, design process, and responsible for the later installation and commissioning and maintenance services, we welcome customers to inquire, we will be happy to help you!
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