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I think there should be restrictions as to what gun you can own. As an individual, Why would you need a military grade weapon? A full automatic? Even gun control advocate says anyone who wants a semi automatic to defend his home is paranoid and should seek professional help.
Person-to-person sales are what our law makers love to call "Gun Show Loopholes". It simply never ceases to amaze me how elected officials fail to educate themselves on issues that are so near-and-dear to their heart and are willing to go on TV and spout nonsense.
America is one messed up country with respect to gun control laws. The fact that I was born here doesn't necessarily mean I'll try to filter out what is wrong about the whole gun control BS.

I mean, it's just nearly the middle of 2018, and we already have dumb 17 year old high school kids killing almost every week. Watch your back, It could be your state the next time.
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By noname
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