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The Zenith Crusher allows the limestone to be finished. However, the reserves of limestone are in a hurry, and it is only enough for 25 years. Although the prime minister has a large resource title, with the exploitation and waste of resources, many resources have begun to appear in reserve. Limestone is a big example. According to the data, the reserves of medium limestone are only enough for 25 years, while the reserves of coal are enough to mine. As early as 2005, the proven reserves of limestone were 75 billion tons, of which only 39 billion tons were economically exploited (North City Planning and Design Institute, 2007). In 2007, the total production of cement was 1.36 billion tons, and the consumption of limestone was about 1.65 billion tons. The calculation was as long as the consumption was 23.6 years. In order to avoid waste and reuse of resources, it is necessary to consider when crushing and crushing the Construction waste crusher. . Even so, the proven limestone mine is only 45 years and a half. According to industry insiders, limestone is the second largest non-metallic mining product after coal. The reserves are far less than coal. The damage to the surface and landforms is far beyond the coal mining and cannot be restored. In modern industry, limestone is the main raw material for the manufacture of cement, lime and calcium carbide. It is an indispensable flux limestone in the metallurgical industry. After fine grinding, limestone is widely used in the manufacture of paper, rubber, paint, paint, medicine, cosmetics, feed, sealing, bonding, polishing and other products. In combination with the above factors, it is a good choice to use a crusher to crush limestone, which will not waste materials, but also allow the rejected unqualified materials to be reused.
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