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By Username
You guys have done a great job curating the list of top ICOs to watch out for in 2018, even to the tune of 96 of them. Surprisingly, I can sincerely boast of being familiar with at least the first 30 mentioned, now that's about one-third of its total. I used to have a side job that involved finding the contact info of key executives of these ICO firms and cold calling them about my firm. It was a fun one. Now its time to start watching and hopefully miss no goodies!
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By miss_unicorn
Hi foruminers, my team and I are currently working on a thesis that results in statistics that assist to deduce the Trustworthiness of ICO Review Sites. We have read in the news about how a number of ICOs out there have paid for endorsements / reviews to make themselves look good, so I'm writing a paper on explaining the possible reasons and the psychology behind it.

To make this even sweeter,we will be giving away 0.3 ETH (Ethereum) to 5 random addresses on the 4th of July. All you have to do is leave your ETH address at the bottom after your comments in this thread. Cheers and game on
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By Quinton
I am not a huge fan of ICOs. I prefer direct Crypto Trading, and that is something which brings the kind of results desired, and this is where I love FreshForex. It’s a top notch broker which allows one to do all type of trading from Forex to Cryptos. They have some mind blowing features which includes low spreads, bonuses and my favorite their Stop-Out Insurance, it’s truly remarkable.
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By Therry
If you want to do the trading then you need to do some analysis of the trading options where you can make the real money through the bitcoin currency. Bitcoin provides the Best Trading platform where anyone can make the real money that can be used for the casino games as well.
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