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By Boss larry
Here's a post showing BTC scenario and What should you do?
The below image is showing on BTC journey to 20k and back to around 6-8k(the present)


According to the below chart BTC failed to break the blue line(drawn) and after touching it shows downfall.
After the last attempt it has not shown much downfall which was expected. Let's see how it reacts in next few upcoming hours .


We need price to breakout above the two important lines and levels for confirmation that the market hast started the uptrend and going to continue the same.

How December hike and the dip in Jan-Feb affected BTC?

BTC has eventually gained popularity and many media channels all over the globe have covered about BTC.
This is the time to collect BTC as we won't see BTC in such lows in the upcoming future. Big companies and whales who know the potential of BTC are already doing the same in this dip.

What to do?
As we all can see BTC is not breaking the line.
So for now you all can wait and hopefully we can see BTC cruising upwards in next couple of months.
We all know PATIENCE is the key and Good things take time.
If you are an expert/experienced in trading and know how charts work or been in touch with btc latest news
Do buy/sell to increase your btc stock!
And if you have lack of knowledge about the same
Buy btc at every dip and store them in offline wallets because in the upcoming future there are huge possibilities that btc will cruise upwards and there are less chances of btc coming back in 4 figures!

I have posted some charts and have expectations/assumtions on how BTC will react in the upcoming period. However, No-one can predict the market accurately.

Invest only that part of money which you can afford to loose.
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By Boss larry
When it comes to blockchain tech decentralization is key moving forward.
In this new age of digital currencies competing in an open market governments and bankers alike are scrambling to gain control of this new medium of exchange that is changing the way we interact with them! Fact remains that Bitcoin has come to stay, no matter what embargo the government or the media places on its way. It can only get better!
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By fairytale
Not the best performance from BTC this week. In case you missed, here is a quick recap: Bitcoin has been on a struggle to go over or maintain 11k. Just yesterday we saw a correction that bottomed at about $10,200 and it’s now ranging between 10K and 11K. Another, possibly bearish, mini crash could even take it below 10K this week. Hopes are high for this weekend
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By charleyandy
I feel Like the happiest person on earth right now, not because I have all the Bitcoin But I met someone who changed both my Life and perception towards the crypto thing. I came across a post on youtube and you know how youtube keeps serving you with related stuff after the first video and BOOM, that was it.
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By RichardBreece
Great news! I hope, it is not too complicated to create such descriptions. And it doesn't take much time. But they are really useful even if you use anything like https://3commas.io/ for trading. It is the basis of future activities. And I am sure every part of it can be useful for the traders.
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By Oakey
As of today,i think the most important question that deserves an ideal answer is: Why Did Bitcoin Break Down From $9,000, and Where Is It Heading? Should I just dump all of my BTC and forget anything crypto or dive into shitty coin trading? or keep hodling
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By Quinton
Its so important for us as traders to keep eye on all the happening in the world of Crypto, as it’s kind of stuff that makes massive difference. I am always very careful and it helps me a lot with FreshForex broker with their Market Analysis, it’s really nice and easy for me.
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