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Coreless Brushed DC Motors

Posted: July 14th, 2019, 8:16 pm
by astao40
Sinbad offers four motor series to help you meet a wide range of requirements, whether they are DC brushless motors, very high torques or very high speeds. The patented U-coil offers outstanding performance, including minimal iron loss, higher efficiency and lower operating temperature.
A design is definitely not all. Not when your application has specific performance requirements for high speed, high torque, or a delicate balance of the two. Not when you need to deliver superior performance at the best cost. Our 4070 DC motor fits this very well. Electric brushless DC motors are manufactured using our patented copper coil winding technology. This new coil design, designed in the tech world, is key to the performance of these brushless micromotors, including minimum core loss, higher efficiency and lower operating temperature.
Looking for super speed and maximum response speed? The 4070 DC motor is designed for high speed, direct drive applications.
High-speed efficient and efficient
High torque density
In the case of a decrease in load speed
Seeking an ultra-low cost optimized motor without compromising high performance? 4070 DC Motor The right balance of speed and torque functions.
Cost-effective and adaptable to most applications
Compared with the motor's competitors, you can provide an additional 30%
Can provide 100% additional power to competitors
4070 Series
Rated Voltage
Armature Resistance
Max Output
Max Effect
No-load Speed
No-load Current
Locked-rotor Torque
Friction Torque
Speed Constant
Back Electromotive Force Constant
Torque Constant
Current Constant
Speed/Torque Slope
Rotor Inductance
Mechanical Time Constant
Rotor Moment Of Inertia
Angular Acceleration
119127121124127.103rad/s2Coreless Brushed DC Motors