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By Chellee
Ah, autumn. It comes with pumpkin spice lattes, cooler temperatures, and the onset of the holiday season. You can`t wait to swap out your breezy dresses and standard-issue flip-flops, put on sweaters, coats, jeans and boots. Have you ever thought about matching your hairstyle with autumn clothes? Figuring out what wig to match your autumn clothes can be challenging at best, and completely frustrating at worst.

To help you fashionably navigate this confusing in-between period, we sought the help of fashion hairstylists to give some suggestions of autumn hairstyles design you need.
When the weather gets colder day by day, “Put long curl hair instead of a short bob so you’ll be ready for any autumnal breezes”, said Dana Asher Levine, Hollywood hairstylist and DHStyle Inc. CEO.

1.Jerry curl hair

Jerry curl is a fabulous curly hairstyle. The style is sharp, beautiful and currently trending, and is easier to care for than the other popular hairstyles.

2.Water wave hair

Bomb water wave hair is ocean wave wet & wavy human hair, set off your beautiful and moving charm perfectly. you can have long, luxurious curls tumbling beautifully down your back.

3.Deep wave hair

Deep wave hair is professionally designed for high quality. You will never find the type of frizzing and shedding that is found in inferior extensions.

4.Loose wave hair

Loose wave hair look as soft and shiny as your own hair, so it is the perfect investment piece. This glossy wavy hair is great for fall!

5.Kinky curly hair

Kinky curly hair are all made from pure human hair and waiting to give you thick, shiny, beautiful curl hair! Once you install it, no one will be able to tell you didn't grow these luxurious curls yourself!

6.Kinky straight hair

Kinky straight hair offer a perfectly natural shine that can only be accomplished by having genuinely healthy hair. It look healthier, bouncier and fuller, you will achieve a look that will make you look more beautiful than you have ever looked before.

7.Highlight hair

Don't be afraid of a little color during the colder months! Blonde highlights hair will add a lot to your life.

These curly hair come in various lengths, textures and thickness. They are all beautiful, natural human hair, and come in the same glossy, natural looks as your own hair, only better!
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By karlnwilson
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