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I'm not sure how many Fans of Michael Scoffield we have here at forumine but certainly the mention of this TV show should ring some bell and revive some interesting memory.
Personally, I must have a had a complete repetition of the show at least 6 times before the release of the latest season (Season 5).

I was excited to read about a foruminer @oakey who actually had the opportunity of eventually meeting Wenthworth Miller (Michael Scoffield) on this thread

Of cause, the producers have never disappointed and did a great job convincing us how Michael Scoffield (Kaniel Outis) ended up being alive. Surprisingly, the unfathomable drive that keeps viewers at the edge of their seat right from season 1 episode 1 was still maintained even in the the most recent seaason.

Considering how there still exist a few unsolved mysteries in the last episodes of the latest season, the big question here is: When is prison break coming back...Again?

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I did a quick google search using the keyword "is prison break coming back?" and I'm glad to find discussions from forumine among many others. I can't wait for the next season of prison break. Who ever wrote that story started a life time even that is almost impossible to quench with time.
fairytale wrote: 17 Jul 2018, 22:06 There is something spectacular about Prison break, it's coming and the character. Love at Season 1 Episode 1...
Sometimes, I just feel like the story line is too much to the thought by a human or maybe I'm exercising a little sarcasm here or maybe the major story writer, Paul T Scheuring was born somewhere in Nevada very close to Area 51. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
So I did a quick google search of Prison break season 6 and I got so excited to watch lots of youtube videos, but then I began to ask myself why we went back to Fox river? but then I noticed it was a fan amd video. I can't wait to get a concrete confirmation that Prison Break Season 6 is happening.

The answer to the question: Prison Break season 6 - Is it happening?
Yes! In January 2018, FOX officially confirmed that it was "developing a new iteration" of Prison Break. "It's in very early stages of development," said entertainment president Michael Thorn. "But we're really excited about it."
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