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If you don't stop and look around once in a while Andy Isabella Jersey , you could miss it. "It," of course, being the evolution of professional football. Every year, changes are made to the game that alter its existence forever...much like the decisions made by Ferris Bueller on his day off forever changed the life of Cameron Frye in John Hughes' 80s masterpiece. (You're all welcome for that amazing analogy, by the way.) Rule changes, team relocations, technological advancements Jamel Dean Jersey , and talent influxes are all part of the league's allure.Unfortunately, the NFL is not an expertly-scripted coming-of-age tale that's guaranteed to work out in the end, despite what some deranged conspiracy theorists may tell you. Not every change made to the sport is going to yield positive results. Some of the changes coming to the NFL will stymie the game and frustrate fans. But don't worry, because there should be enough positive changes over the next few years to balance out any boneheaded misfires.Now, not all of the changes listed below are guaranteed to make their way into the league when it's all said and done. But current trends show they're all a real possibility, and comments made by Commissioner Goodell and other league higher-ups have reinforced their likelihood. Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres was placed on the 10-day disabled list on Wednesday because of a strained right hip.

Torres was removed after striking out in his second at-bat in the fourth inning before the Yankees went on to beat the Atlanta Braves 6-2.

Before the series finale against the National League East leaders, Yankees manager Aaron Boone was upbeat about the status of his prized rookie.

Torres did not start in Tuesday night’s wi ut entered the game late as a defensive replacement.

”We’re hoping it’s a short stint. But we think we’ve got to deal with it this time because there is a small strain there,” Boone said outside the home clubhouse after the game.

”Hopefully it won’t be something that it’s too long. Probably take us up to the All-Star break.”

Boone said the club would assess the situation with a day off Thursday before heading to Toronto for the start of an 11-game, three-city road trip leading into the All-Star Game in Washington.
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