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Urban renewal is a reciprocating movement in urban development, average building life in China is only 30-40 years, so the demolition of the old city and the new urban district construction is frequently, which not only reflects in finished high buildings and large mansions, but also in the accumulation of urban construction rubbish. Therefore, the use direction of god ore crusher is changing from crushing rocks to crushing urban construction rubbish.
City transformation occurs as usual, but the application or use direction of crusher equipment is changing. In the past, crusher machine was used to provide sand for cities, that is, the production of mechanism sand and stone, so jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher price, and sand making machine and vibration screen were in good market condition, so some gravel making enterprises also developed quickly relying on urbanization. The change of use direction of crusher equipment is a kind of social progress, and zenith is an activist for promoting the progress.
City recycling of construction waste is already the country efforts to promote the application of new industries, and old gravel manufacturing will be carried out step by step, so the use of recycled aggregate and sand will gradually increase. This is an environmentally friendly synthetic production, which changes the use direction of crusher equipment. Crusher equipment has more effect in the waste recycling of city construction, so the percentage of the amount of mining equipment for mineral development will gradually reduce, which is a very good sign for environmental protection.

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