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Sand making machine is a new type of stone plastic and blasting equipment, which is currently the most advanced sand making machine in the world. It is specially designed for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, and construction of hydropower dam, concrete mixing station, which can provide high quality sand aggregate. It is the preferred equipment for artificial system sand and stone plastic field. During the daily use, the SBM crusher and processing size of sand maker has become the problem concerned by customers. Here are the details:
Sand making machine uses the international advanced 'stone hits stone' principle, which can be adapted to the different needs of users: artificial system sand, gravel, abrasive materials such as plastic. The finished sand product is cubic, which has good grain shape, reasonable gradation composition and adjustable fineness modulus. Themaximum feed particle size of sand maker is in 30mm-60mm, i.e. 5mm-30mm gravel sand making machine equipment for stone shaping effect is very ideal, and the larger stones (larger than 5 cm )will need to choose other stone shaping equipment. For larger size stone shaping, we recommend that you choose impact crusher or cone crusher of stone shaping. Fote Machinery can provide all kinds of stone production equipment, sand making machine, stone shaping equipment as well as a whole set of sand production line. The equipment for processing a large quantity of 50-500t/h sand making machine can satisfy the different scale production of sandstone aggregate. It also has high crushing efficiency, when compared with the traditional crusher efficiency; it is increased by 30%--60%. The product is a regular cube shape, and it also can be effective in shaping of needle sheet material.

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