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Cone crusher machine produced by our company is widely used in pebbles and glass aggregate crusher machine process; in recent years, our company aggregate crushing equipment walks into large cement plant and and quarry , for example,in April 2012, a mining company in Xinjiang made supply contract with our companyon 200t/h river pebble breaking system and our company company actively madeconfiguration including one set of Symonds cone crushermachine which demonstrates remarkable advantages in aggregate crushing processfor it.
Cone Crusher not only can meet the high strength work requirementsand its product quality meets the standard; compared with other type crushingequipment, it can effectively reduce the maintenance cost. First of all, fine jaw crusher cannotmeet the high material requirements for buildings and facilities, because needleflake and crack content in the granite is too high, and traditional mineralimpact crusher as secondary crusher, although has good gravel particle size,wears seriously on wear-resistant parts.So, from the perspective of cost andinvestment, cone crusher machine is ideal crushing equipment.銆€<br />
Our company aggregate crushing equipment becomes the favourite equipment bycustomers relying on its unique design and superior performance in breaking field; itsproducts provide large amount of aggregate materials for highways, railways,hydroelectric plants and other large construction areas.
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