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So yesterday, someone offered to buy my 850K Follower Instagram account for $14,000. At first, I got very troubled but then I resulted in doing a few research on how much is an active follower Instagram account worth? Is this a good price and should I trust this guy? It seems so out of the blue too.

Going forward, What is the safest way to get the money? Is there some sort of escrow service specifically for digital content/accounts?

I don’t want to get scammed as I’ve been growing this account consistently for over 4 years. Can he get the money back even though I give him the account?

Is western union a safe way to get the payment, if he sends me the money with western union, is there a way he can get it back? Someone help me please!

Yours truly! :D
When buying an instagram account, it is ideal to factor in these attributes: The size or number of followers, The Niche, the Demographics of the followers, The activity, view rate and impressions. The price largely depend on the features aforementioned.

Just like google adsense and analytics, demographics is a really big social account consistency determinant. For instance a 500K Sri Lankan IG account is absolutely worth less than a 100K UK IG account and so on.

Found these on the swapd website. Hope it helps

Size: 56,000
Niche: Nature Photos
Demographics: US/Brazil
Activity: 3/10
Sale price: 380 USD

Size: 167,000
Niche: Comics
Demographics: Mostly the US
Activity: 8/10
Sale price: 1100 USD

Size: 30,000
Niche: Fashion
Demographics: US/Mix
Activity: 2/10
Sale price: 410

Size: 92,000
Niche: Luxury/Lifestyle
Demographics: US/INDIA/Brazil
Activity: 4/10
Sale price: 500 USD

Size: 20,000
Niche: Fitness
Demographics: India/UK
Activity: 3/10
Sale price: 225 USD

Size: 68,000
Niche: Animals
Demographics: US/Mix
Activity: 5/10
Sale price: 550 USD

Size: 850,000
Niche: Humor
Demographics: US/UK
Activity: 5/10
Sale price: 4600 USD

Size: 122,000
Niche: Meme
Demographics: US/UK
Activity: 6/10
Sale price: 790 USD

This data is taken from random transactions taken from SWAPD.co 169 and ViralAccounts.com 161, and it’s not in any particular order.
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