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By Boss larry
I've been working within the Lab technician niche for a little over a decade now and I recently stumbled upon this site that has an average payscale by state.

I also saw this site and sincerely, 7 out of 10 checks out.

I just don't get how my parents did the same thing for 35 years and eventually retire.
It seems like the workforce in 2019 is dynamically expanding, no matter how bright you are at what you do, even companies don't want to keep people for donkey years anymore. :mrgreen: :roll:
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By Quinton
I believe if you are comfortable with doing something else then you should. I do Forex trading and I am very comfortable with it because it’s kind of work where I get freedom. I love it more through FreshForex, as they allow great benefit with their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it’s fantastic.
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By Quinton

EUR/USD has seen mixed movement throughout the day but more towards the higher side. Overall, there is just too much uncertainty for anyone to go for too long with any trade. It is better to keep things short and sweet to gain.
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By Quinton
It depends on how comfortable you are and where are going. If you are not at ease with your job, it is sensible only that we should leave out and do something worthy where our heart and mind goes towards.
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