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By Nightingale
It's being a lengthy research for me trying to figure out the fastest was to grow a beard, especially when I finally decided to make a move after all the "un-friendly" comments I get from my friends for having some Asian genes because I couldn't even grow a strand of hair on my face.

It got devastating and desperate to the point where I'm deliberately being side-lined for outing with these so-called friends because the party was meant for "men" not "boys", their usual slogan. Sometimes, after my barber trims my hear, I stylishly ask if they have an over night beard growth remedy, but disappointment is all I get after they succeed in selling me some pungent, choking and disgusting solution, some not even prescribed in English

Before pointing out the ways to grow facial hair quickly for men especially, It is ideal to quickly debunk some misconceptions about facial hair growth in men as well as general hair growth for both sexes while considering the fact that the word "quickly" used in this text is determined based on individual body attributes which can differ based on their testosterone level. Information regarding the signs of low testosterone level can be found here :
  1. 99.9 % of the products you see on Amazon, Ebay and other hair growth manufacturers are fake, especially the ones that are lotion based.
  2. A great tool to differentiate what hair growth product, website, manufacturer is real or fake is www.fakespot.com
    Get your answers correctly and quickly
  3. The real remedies to grow facial hair quickly for men vary differently from specially formulated products, they include more of everyday activities.
  4. Low testosterone does not mean NO hair, It only implies more work needs to be done to attain the same level as those with high testosterone
It is also necessary to recollect that the solutions to growing facial hair debunk most of the misconceptions aforementioned but focus more of basic healthy lifestyle.That being said, here are the ever working approach towards growing facial hair quickly and effectively for men:

  1. Take a lot of multivitamin on a routine basis
  2. Drink a more that the recommended amount of water daily
  3. Take regular shower especially after a sweat to keep your hair follicles damp, unblocked and fresh
  4. Regular anterior exercise, walks and a possible skinny dip after each course
  5. Exfoliate the face or other body parts in question regularly
  6. Use moisturizers with Biotin, vitamins and eucalyptus
  7. Avoid too much fat but create an habit of eating protein, vegetables, vitamins and supplements
These techniques have saved my life ever since. They have not only succeeded in bringing out the masculinity in me be also assisted in keeping me fit in body and mind. I'll gladly recommend these steps to anyone looking at growing their hair especially facial hair quickly with no side effects a waste of their money on inferior products.
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By RoxannaC
Well written and great piece. I lolled at how mean your friends were, maybe you need new set of friends.
I agree that men with facial here tend to look more masculine and my kinda choice :roll:

I hope my big brother gets to see this someday as well
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Working within the health, fitness and diet field, I must say this is the closest to reality compared other fake misconceptions revolving in the world today. The chances of you growing a beard depends more on what goes into your stomach or what physical help you give to yourself than anything.

This video helps as well the author talks more of the outlines OP described to growing facial hair quickly for men

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By Nightingale
Speaking from experience, here are my top 5 working products to for growing hair quickly:

1. Price Quantity
L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray, Black, 2 oz.

2. Spartans Den Premium Beard Oil | Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil Enriched| Promotes Healthy Beard and Mustache Growth, Stops Itch & Dandruff, Improves Softenes

3. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner - Made with only Natural and Organic Ingredients - 2 Ounce Tin

4. Biotin (10,000mcg) with Organic Coconut Oil | Supports Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails | Non-GMO Verified & Vegan Certified (120 Veggie-Softgels)

5. Any products from "The art of shaving as they contain Vitamin E and Biotin which aid hair growth"

All products available on Amazon
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By Ciceroero
Thank you for sharing, these methods are very practical. Also, sleeping well, using a beard to grow oil are also useful ways to grow your beard.
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