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Taking the road of sustainable development is a major proposition in the 21st century and a common strategy for the long-term development of all countries in the future. With the development of modern science and technology, ultra-fine powder technology has received increasing attention from researchers. In the building materials industry, the application of ultra-fine grinding technology also has a very wide range of future. For example, grinding slag into powder instead of cement to produce concrete, increasing the variety of cement, producing special cement and ultra-fine cement, improving the quality of cement and refining cement The admixtures increase the incorporation of admixtures and reduce production costs.
According to incomplete statistics, the annual solid waste generated from the iron and steel industry is about 170 million tons, including 50 million tons of blast furnace slag and molten iron slag, 900,000 tons of ferroalloy slag, 20 million tons of steel slag, 16.60 million tons of dust sludge, and fly ash And 5.4 million tons of slag, if these large amounts of slag piled up without treatment, will produce dust, pollute the atmosphere; if discharged into the water system will cause river silt, and which toxic chemicals will also cause harm to humans and organisms.
At present, 80% of China's slag is used in concrete and cement processing industries. Among these, ultrafine mill plays an important role, and has made important contributions to the development of the slag to promote the development of the concrete industry. There are many types of ultrafine grinding equipment for processing slag. In addition to traditional ball mills, the most widely used one is ultrafine grinding. It can process slag to different fineness for different production.
As we all know, whether the slag is used as a large amount of cement mixed material or high-performance concrete fine admixture, the basic conditions are sufficient fineness. Usually, the specific surface area of ​​cement admixtures is required to be 350-500 m2/kg; the fine admixtures for concrete are 420-600 m2/kg, and some even as high as 800 m2/kg. Some studies have shown that ultrafine slag powders are added to concrete. When the fineness reaches more than 500m2/kg, 20%~30% of cement can be saved by incorporation into concrete, and the strength, workability and durability of the concrete can be greatly improved while reducing the production cost.
As a domestic ultrafine grinding manufacturer, Shanghai Shibang has introduced international ultrafine grinding technology, combined with its own years of advanced ultrafine grinding mill design concepts and manufacturing requirements, after a concentrated design launched dedicated to slag ultrafine powder Grinding equipment - slag ultrafine grinding. It is reported that Shanghai Shibang's slag ultrafine grinding has low energy consumption (system power consumption does not exceed 42kWh/t), and the produced ore fines have good quality (specific surface area can reach 430m2/kg, and 7-day activity index reaches 100%). Such features are the mainstream equipment for slag grinding. Customers are welcome to visit and inspect.
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