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By newzone
Yes, YES! And pretty soon because we are building one. We are going to make an exchange platform, a trading platform that will enable users to get the best of commodities from around the globe in exchange of cryptocurrencies. We are a high functioning ferrous trading company from the middle east with subsidiaries in Both Singapore & Hong Kong. Stepping into the entire commodity avenue.
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By Quinton
I don’t know but I have FreshForex broker to work with. It’s a place where one can do trading of any type. As we can do Forex, Crypto, Commodity or any other way of trading here with ease and comfort. It’s something that really makes you feel happy and relaxed to be able to gain.
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By Quinton
I don’t know but I think it will be possible. I believe we need to be wise with joining in with something like that, as it’s too risky to even think about joining such stuff. So even if there was I wouldn’t be too comfortable with joining up.

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