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By Nightingale
It's exactly 7days since I've been trying to login to Pixabay.com, Internet's biggest collection of Free images, vectors, and other cool artworks.
Many website owners, graphic designers, artists, and other individuals fascinated with imagery will agree with me that Pixabay is too good to be free.
My guess as to why Pixabay.com is down will be the fact that they are being pressured by other similar service providers like Pic Monkey, Pexel, Canva and other stock photo website to initiate a subscription based services as well.
I won't be suprise to see pixabay back but with a paid membership this time.

Current status of website as at this writing -- :roll:
Pixabay.JPG (39.88KiB)Viewed 14225 times
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By ElizabethPorter
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