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Stone Construction Waste Crusher is one of the most important mining crushing equipment, widely mine use of hammer crusher , large crushing capacity , with our research efforts in terms of increasing the hammer to break , making the hammer to break not only broken dry materials can also be broken wet material ; production is no longer confined to the tens of tons, the largest single hammer breaking production has more than one thousand tons ; product size can also be adjusted according to need , without plastic surgery procedure.
From 2013 and 2012 the development of crusher industry , the mining machinery in the future there will be more room for development . Although the country has been closed in recent years to integrate a small small stones factory , but the key national policy is not close to the quarry , and in the integration of the country due to unclear policy on investment quarry into a wait and see attitude of investors are also many but eventually, the quarry must be environmentally friendly, large-scale , scientific, economic, and practical developments in this direction .
Hammer crusher is mainly used for crushing bulk materials , bulk materials can be crushed to a 25mm or less , the maximum compressive strength of the material broken 200Mpa, calcium content higher than 40 %. Its performance is mainly manifested in : large crushing ratio , high yield, grain type gifted ; economic performance mainly: low investment costs , cost-recovery fast , cost-effective .
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