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I recently see similar app ideas lately but mine still stands out. This peer study app is a virtual study room where students are grouped with respect to their discipline, estimated time to stay online, level of knowledge in the said topic. Registered students are able to get matched into their respective rooms based on their initial preferences.

You can also create your personalized pictures based on what weakness you have in what areas (like quizlet), pop quiz with your friends, rate results and leader boards, develop ideas over a concept and much more.

This can go a large scale to the point of representing the first social media oriented study group. The theme is friendly, colorful and bright as user age range target is between 13 and less than 50.

I have a draft I can share with those interested. :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:
This is a smart app idea. I'm currently looking to see what diversity can be introduced into this concept as I currently see a few similar existing apps already. What monetization concept do you have for this?
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