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I don't know if things might change if they want you to only use it for tests (I guess some cheating concerns could play here), but I am pretty sure forcing you to install software is kind of illegal. I am not suggesting to threaten to demand them,but maybe talk to someone on higher ranks about why it is unfair that they compel you to install anything. Some friends of mine did, and they had luck. i.e it seems illegal in most developed countries.
Honestly, I wouldn't run it on my own box. Consider looking on craigslist/offerup for a $50 laptop. Dedicate it to that box, and when you're done with it, power it off. Really though, I wouldn't run it on any personal device.

I remember another post recently that said there's required a working mic/cam. Does yours require it? You said you can't tape over yours, but I'm not sure if that's because of personal reasons or otherwise.
It is ideal to also note that if you run any Linux distro natively as a dual boot, it is technically impossible to run windows executable files on linux. You might have to either install a virtual box instance of windows operating system on your host Linux OS or simply ensure you have matching OS before attempting any run.
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