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For a Brighter Future, Learn Data Analysis
Applications of Data Analysis
In the world today, the quantity of data which is made available is on the rise with many companies and business compiling information in respect to their industries. This gives them an advantage over their competitors in order to identify the areas in which their products or services require improvement, where there might be an increase or decrease in sales or even a hole in the market. This reflects the importance of Data Analytics uses across several organizations. The most beneficial part is, by using data, companies will be able to develop excellent marketing strategies, save money, support business growth and recognize themselves from other competitors within the industry.
1. Policing/Security
2. Transportation
3. Risk and Fraud Detection
4. Manage Risk
5. Delivery Logistics
6. Web Provision
7. Power Spending
8. Customer Interactions
9. City Planning
10. Healthcare
Data Analytics vs. Data Science
Data Science
Data Science is an idea used to prepare big data that includes data preparation, analysis and cleansing. A data scientist collects data from various sources and applies predictive learning, sentiment analysis and machine learning in order to remove critical information from sets of collected data. From a business perspective, they understand the data and have the ability to provide accurate insights and predictions which can be used for critical business decisions.
Skills Required for Becoming a Data Scientist
Efficient skills are required to have a career in the field of data science. These skills must be built in three departments: domain knowledge, analytics and programming. The skills listed below will help shape you into an excellent data scientist:
● Strong knowledge of Scala, SAS, Python, R
● Understand various analytical functions
● Understanding of machine learning
● Hands-on experience required in SQL coding
● Capability of working with data that is unstructured from multiple sources, i.e. social media and video
Data Analytics
This is the procedure of studying sets of data in order to decide what information they have using specialized systems and software’s. In commercial industries, these technologies and method are widely used, which allows all organizations to make further informed decisions in business. A Data Analyst has the ability to visualize data and also do some illustrative statistics. They need to have a fundamental knowledge in statistics, excellent database understanding, must be able to create new ideas and the ability to view data. Data Analytics is said to be the main importance in the field of Data Science.
Skills Required for Becoming a Data Analyst
A data analyst must be capable of taking a definite topic and providing a description about the look of data and present that specific data to a company’s stakeholders. The skills listed below will help shape you into an excellent data analyst:
● Understanding mathematical statistics
● Data wrangling
● Understanding HIVE/PIG
● Understanding of Python and R

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