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Nowadays, consumer shopping is increasingly seeking personal experience. In the past, the salesperson’s model of pursuing intent customers has become less popular. Shanghai SBM as a mining equipment manufacturer that pays attention to users' experience, our sales theme also tends to "you just need, I just have, and professional." Today's Xiaobian introduces the stone sanding machine equipment produced by the company, including its scope, advantages, types and prices. If you need it?
With the drying of natural sand, construction, road, railway, water conservancy and other industries have used artificial sand to replace natural sand. Therefore, the demand for stone sanding machines is quite large. Under this background, Shanghai SBM developed and produced A special stone sand making equipment. It can excavate most of the stones on the mountain (extra-hard), processing like limestone, bluestone, marble, etc. After all, the finished sand can be comparable to natural sand in terms of grain shape.
Shanghai SBM sand making machine is different from the typical impact sand making machine. It uses sand hammer to impact sand. It is commonly called hammer sand making machine or double rotor sand making machine. It is used in the mechanism sand production line. The customer response is also good. The advantages of this type of equipment are mainly manifested in three aspects.
1. The structure is simpler and more humane. Firstly, the casing, the hammer head, the two rotors and the sieve plate are included. The investigation door is arranged under the sand making machine, and the condition of processing the stone can be observed at any time to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment.
2. The feed size is larger. The feed size of a typical sand making machine is usually around 50 mm, and the stone sand making machine can accept a feed with a particle size of 150 mm or even 250 mm. This shows that the stone between 50mm-250mm can avoid the crushing process and reduce equipment investment.
3. The hammer of the primary working component is made of high hardness and good wear resistance. The long service life is used, which reduces the economic and time cost of replacing parts and directly improves the customer's profit rate.
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