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Capacity is a key indicator of the quality of a mechanical device, and efficient equipment can effectively reduce the cost of production. However, the fact is that many users often complain that the sand making machine or sand making line they purchased has low production efficiency, the output is not up to standard, and the sand making machine has slow discharge and less sand. What is the reason for the low output of the sand making machine and the low sand production? Shanghai SBM reminds you to refer to the following aspects.
First, the difference of broken stone
In general, there are many factors that affect the output of sand making machines. Including the characteristics of the stone you are crushing, the type of sand making equipment, that is, the capacity of the sanding machine itself, the quality of the sand making machine, the correct installation and operation of the sand making machine, and the daily maintenance of the sand making machine. For example, crushed granite and pebbles are two kinds of stone materials. The output of the sand making machine will be slightly different, because the hardness and size of the stone itself are different. The difference in broken stone will affect the yield and sand production.
Second, the different types of sand making machine
In addition, the sand making equipment of each sand making machine factory is divided into different models, and the different types of production naturally differ.
Third, whether to operate and maintain the sand making machine correctly
In addition, there is one reason for the low sand production of the sand making machine. Is it correct to operate the sand making machine in daily production? After the sand making machine has been working for a period of time, its corresponding accessories may have wear and aging problems, so it is necessary to do daily maintenance. But many people have not paid attention to this. If the sand making machine you purchased is in normal operation and pays attention to maintenance, then the sand output can generally meet the expected requirements, so the maintenance of the sand making machine is also very important. Also, we must use the sand making machine correctly. The sand making machine will be equipped with instructions for use at the factory. You can read the manual or consult the factory for sale. If you do not operate properly during use, such as the hardness range of the sand making equipment, it will cause serious wear and tear of the parts, and the finished materials will not meet the requirements.
Fourth, the quality of the sand machine itself
In fact, the key factor determining the amount of sand produced by the sand making machine is the quality of the sand making equipment itself. A sand making machine can not only achieve the expected output easily, but also save energy and reduce durability, saving customers a lot of production costs. And a poor quality sand making machine, the amount of sand production is small, coupled with frequent maintenance, increase production and operation costs.
After the above brief introduction, I believe that you have a preliminary judgment and understanding of the reasons for the low output of the sand making machine. When purchasing a sand making machine, we should start from the above aspects, choose a regular sand making machine factory, choose the appropriate model and sand making equipment suitable for the crushing of our own materials. It is a condition, and then pay attention to details and correct operation in daily operation. Pay attention to maintenance to ensure the normal production efficiency of the sand making machine and meet the sand production requirements.

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