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Building waste crusher aggregate brick
Construction waste in waste Sand Making Machine and bricks can be used to produce recycled bricks and blocks, cement as the binder should be used non-sintered products, mixed properly recycled coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and powder materials. Basic production processes include: sorting, crushing and vibration measuring ingredients, mixing, forming, maintaining, testing and other aspects of the factory. Reclaimed brick and concrete masonry bearing wall in low-rise and high-rise buildings filled non-load-bearing walls.
Assume that annual housing Ultrafine Mill construction area according to the estimated 25 million m2, an area of 1 square meter of wall materials with an average standard bricks you want 200 bucks, 512 standard brick/M3 (according to standard brick conversion), wall material demand of 10 million m3 per year. Recycled concrete products-recommended products for national priority, and their light weight insulation performance than conventional concrete wall panels.
Production line of Handan, Xiamen, Fujian and Hebei have been built in the country, forming an annual production capacity of 100,000 m3 block production line. Domestic high hole rate of hollow block made of construction waste and Garden Road with pervious brick, whose performance has reached domestic advanced level. In 2006, the 32-story golden century, Handan city, Hebei province, a business center with all brick construction garbage bricks, which are milestones in comprehensive utilization of construction waste in our country; recycled tiles in the Sichuan province earthquake also plays an important role in the reconstruction, because of its local materials, significant cost savings, easing of tight supply of building materials to help the victims live in new houses more quickly.
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