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By crushermachine2
Seeing that today's cities are sketched into a beautiful pattern by a flower-style building, we have to be shocked. However, the magnificent architecture is inseparable from the selfless dedication of the mill, gypsum powder and lime powder in modern architecture. Widely used, and the mill is the main equipment in the milling industry. Below SBM Heavy Industries introduces you to several new mills and the differences between them.
SBM Heavy Industry's professional engineers specialize in the production of milling equipment, including: European version of the mill (MTW), ultra-fine powder mill, high-pressure suspension roller mill, Raymond mill. These equipments are all new equipments that are developed by the advanced milling industry technology, aiming at the current development trend of the domestic milling industry and the needs of the market.
Next, I will introduce the difference between raymond mill and the European version. First of all, there is no obvious difference between the applicable materials of the two materials. The characteristics of the material polished by Raymond mill require more than 300 kinds of materials such as non-flammable and explosive minerals and chemicals with a Mohs hardness of not more than 7 grades and a humidity of 6%. Can not grind the material containing fiber, the finished product size can be adjusted within the range of 80-400 mesh. The difference between Raymond mill and the European version is that the Raymond mill is cheaper, while the European version (MTW) ​​is characterized by the output. Large, stable performance and low energy consumption. In short, each has its own advantages. The above introduction hopes to help customers who purchase grinding equipment to choose the fine grinding equipment according to their own needs.
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By Leuschke
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