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I'm going to be very honest here, I have zero knowledge about the stock market, the annoying graphs, the poor sound of their terms (HODL instead of HOLD, FOMO, FUD. LOL)or anything like this. To me, it seems like the only way to get in on this (safely) is to know someone who is doing it, and I don't have that.

Even with Google I cant get the sense of what is a reliable source on Bitcoin or what books would help.
It looks more like a very few set of people know exactly what they are doing and can boldly educate the rest but Im sure the mass media is as blank as me in the knowledge of crypto.

Sadly, I feel like I am missing out on an opportunity and will be kicking myself for not doing anything in a few years down the line
Where did you guys start, and what are some reliable sources/books, videos on this stuff? Your girl needs help!
Great step in the right direction my dear. My advice will remain stick to buying and HODL as much Bitcoin and Ethereum for a start. ripple is not a cryptocurrency do not invest in it cause you will only loose, don't forget to follow channels like these too. They sure help!
I am also interested in buying too. I don't want to chicken out on this one, I'm just taking my time to even understand what it is i,m going into before too much commitment. Seem so far like too much risk is involved. I could use some luck at my next stop, the power ball just by my favorite gas station instead.
This is so so wrong. It’s important for one to get proper education before starting up or else it could be very risky. A lot of times we make mistake of starting without research and mostly we either get scam or lose due to bad decisions.
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