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Vertical mill process and slag fine powder production line process. With the development of the domestic milling industry, we also have new requirements for all aspects of the milling equipment technology and technology. The bottleneck encountered by the milling equipment. Domestic manufacturers of milling equipment developed and produced vertical mills with a combination of drying, milling, powder selection and upgrading according to market demand. This equipment fully meets customers in the milling process. Demand, major technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level. SBM heavy machine, as a domestic leading technology manufacturer of pulverizing equipment, produces vertical mills that are specially used to process and treat solid waste resources such as water slag, non-magnetic steel slag, coal ash and slag. The technical problems of low production and high energy consumption of industrial mills have significant economic and social benefits. At present, the vertical roller mill equipment has been widely used in the domestic milling industry. The vertical mill has become an important equipment in the milling process and plays a vital role in the production process. Superiority has been affirmed by more and more customers in the production process. The following is the introduction of the milling process of the vertical mill of SBM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd .:
TLUM series vertical mill is mainly composed of electric motor, reducer, grinding roller device, grinding disk device, pressure device, powder separator, machine body, oil station, PLC electrical control system of the host computer, etc. The main motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer. At the same time, the wind enters the vertical mill body from the air inlet. The material falls in the center of the grinding disc through the feeding opening of the screw feeder. When the grinding roller area on the grinding disc is crushed by the grinding roller, a large piece of material is crushed directly, and the fine-grained material is pressed to form a bed for inter-grain crushing. The crushed material continues to move towards the edge of the grinding disk until it is taken away by the strong air current at the wind ring, and the larger particulate material falls back to the grinding disk and continues to be crushed. When the material in the air flow passes through the upper separator, it is in the rotor. Under the action of the blade, the coarse particles are returned to the grinding disc for grinding. The qualified fine powder is ground out with the air flow and collected by the system's powder collector. The collected powder is the product milled by the vertical mill. With the material moving to the edge of the grinding disc with the material, it cannot be blown by the wind due to its heavy weight, and fell to the lower cavity of the mill. The scraper plate installed at the bottom of the grinding disc was scraped into the slag discharge port and discharged outside . By adjusting the rotating speed of the multi-head powder separator rotor, qualified products with different finenesses can be obtained
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