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By jacob3
Just wondering why most countries including USA have 911 as the standard phone number for emergencies.
Technically speaking, I'll argue that it's faster for me to dial 999, 123 or 000 when faced with split seconds decisions during emergency than 911. The numbers are just miles apart.
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By jacob3
When they had rotary dials, the idea was that you could dial 999 easily in the dark. You find the dial, spin your fingers to the last finger hole, and off you go!

It’s been so long since I’ve seen a rotary dial Phone I can’t remember if 0 was the first or last number in the dial.

I’ll go and check.

Edit. Zero was the last number. So you’d find the last number, then it was back one.

Another interesting question is the 9 for an outside line idea. Why 9?
By jacob3
Most extensions started at lower numbers. Accouting in the 300s, sales in the 400s. Perhaps an easier example is a hotel. You dials the hotels main number, get the automated system and enter the room number. Few hotels had 90 rooms or 9 floors (at the time) so any tenant could dial a 3 digit number and get another room or dial 9 to get an outside number.
By Brain.
It isn't. 911 is chiefly used in North America and a few other countries.

Many other countries use other combinations like 112 or 999.
By jacob3
wow they still use 01/02/03 in Russia. i thought they switched to one number for all.
By Crack

Sometime around 1960 it was chosen to be the emergency number for the US and Canada.
By jacob3
Ok but the question is why.
By Crack
I don't know i just read it some where

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