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To make calcium powder is one of the most important tasks in the powder making industry as well as the foundation of many other industries such as the cement industry, ore beneficiation industry and metallurgy industry etc.The modern industry focuses much attention on the environmental protection of the industrial products including the calcium powder. If the grinding machine used to make calcium powder are not environmental friendly, they will cause great damage to the whole industry as well as the whole national economy. Against the current low carbon economy background, the society gets strict about the requirement of the grinding machines like ball mills. The domestic machinery enterprises succeed in making the new generation of grinding equipment which can produce green calcium powder that has a wide range of applications as follows:
1. The plastic industry uses the calcium powder to make new plastic products. The calcium carbonate plays a supporting role in the plastic products and has a good effect on the stability of the finished products. The application of the calcium powder will also improve the hardness, surface smoothness and flatness of the plastic products.
2. The calcium powder can also be used in the oil paint industry in order to make high quality emulsion paint.
3. The calcium powder plays a key role in the production line of the artificial marbles.
4. The paper making industry also needs the calcium powder to guarantee the strength and whiteness of the paper products with little cost.
5. The construction industry uses the calcium powder to make dry mixed mortar and concrete.
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