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In the mining industry, many users choose to use a new sand making machine to process sand and gravel materials. It has the characteristics of large output, high cost performance, and simple equipment maintenance. In daily operation, there are three sand making machine methods, and Xiaobian carefully introduces them.
1. Impact sand making. Instant impact sand making is the material that is subjected to instantaneous impact force to make sand. This type of sand making equipment is mainly a impact crusher or an impact sand making machine. Its main features are high sand making efficiency, large sand making ratio and low energy consumption.
2, 劈 type sand. The shovel sanding method is to place the material between a flat surface of the sand making equipment and a working plane with sharp edges. When the working plane with sharp edges is pressed against the material, the material will be along the direction of the pressure line of action due to the splitting plane. The tensile stress reaches or exceeds the tensile strength of the material and is cleaved. This type of sand making equipment is mainly a cone sand making machine or a hammer type sand making machine.
3. Press-type sand making. The material is placed between the two working faces of the sand making machine. After the pressure is applied, the material is sanded due to the compressive stress reaching the compressive strength. This method is generally suitable for the sand making bulk material. This type of sand making equipment is mainly a roller type sand making machine.
The above three methods of sand making are used in the mining industry, but which one to use depends on the equipment. SBM specializes in the production of sand making equipment. No matter what materials and production, we have equipment models to meet. If you need it, you can come to our factory for consultation and purchase. We will give you a satisfactory answer!
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