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After the crusher is returned to the running work, it needs to be maintained frequently. After crusher machine has been working for many times, if the maintenance of the rotor is not paid attention to, the crusher will soon be scrapped. The rotor of the crusher often wears high levels of wear and tear, and only with proper maintenance skills can make your crusher healthy and longevity. The following points are suggestions on this aspect. Shanghai ZENITH will help you analyze:
First, the already worn rotor can be surfacing, so that it can restore its previous shape and save high quality steel, which can save costs.
Second, if the hammer head is to be replaced, it must be replaced in pairs to avoid the rotor rotation imbalance and the wear degree and speed of the bearing due to the imbalance of the crusher hammer.
Third, the rotor should be subjected to a fine balance test before the hardcover test.
Fourth, the parts on the rotor, in addition to the hammer head, should be detailed inspection and precise processing. If you make sure that you can do the above, you can take care of your crusher and become an expert.
If you master the maintenance skills of Sandstone Mining Plant, you can save a lot of cost, keep your crusher in a new state, reduce the cycle of replacing the crusher, and extend the life of the crusher, thus solving a cost-saving method. Shanghai ZENITH Heavy Industry specializes in the production of various crusher equipment series. Welcome to ZENITH field visit.

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