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By crushermachine2
Industrial use
First, the Stone Crusher should be cleaned. If there are some residual impurities inside the crusher, it will affect the normal use of the crusher. Generally, it can be cleaned with ordinary water, but after cleaning, pay attention to the anti-rust work inside the crusher.
Second, turn on the power and let the machine run for a while. If you do not perform the pre-operation, it is very likely that the machine will suddenly suffer a violent collision, causing bad results.
Third, put the items that need to be broken into the crusher. general
Fourth, it is only necessary to collect the finished product with some things behind the mouth of the impurity. It is important to note that sometimes the finished product is powdery and needs to be collected with special tools, such as powder-absorbing machines. This will ensure that the powdered results are well collected and will not pollute the environment.
Fifth, it should be noted that do not try to insert some metal that cannot be broken into the Crushing Plant, which will cause damage to the crusher. And do not put the body parts into the crusher, it will also cause casualties.
According to the above method, the crusher can be used correctly. Proper use of the crusher will bring convenience to industrial production. If used improperly, it will also cause serious losses to people's production and life.

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