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One of seven big strategic new Ultrafine Mill Grinding Materials industries the special plan of high-end equipment Twelve Five planning, has been given with more market value expectations. The vice minister of Project and information Department SuBo addressed in the global engineering machinery industry conference in Beijing that high tech equipment manufacturing ten years goal: strive to make the high-end equipment manufacturing industry to be pillar industry of the national economy and the sales taking up manufacture industry increase to 25% by 2020 years. having been suppored by practical action to improve the construction machinery industry core competitiveness , after the independent innovation, researching and development of new products, recently launched a new roller mill-Europe type coarse grinding.
Ultrafine Mill Wearing Parts always account a certain portion in machinery market. The new European type coarse grinding mill, suitful for more widen fields and higher comprehensive performence, is based on previous technology to make further development and adjustment. This machine has high productive capacity, big crushing ratio, and low power consumption, product of granularity, which makes the finished product quality has the more efficient output. Simple mechanical structure,compact and light, easy management and facilitate enterprise customer operations. Most important is the investment costs is less, as for enterprise, it is undoubtedly a wise choice to reduce the investment burden. According to these characteristics, new European type coarse grinding mill are widely used in power plant desulfurization, quartz sand processing, ball mill of coarse grinding before, refractory bricks, unburned brick, and the processing of raw material, concrete mixing station, etc.
Europe type coarse grinding mill, in a certain sense, promotes the rapid development of the industrial powder market. The limestone desulfurization project in thermal power plant, high grade highway pavement, environmental protection of the boiler plant with stone coal mill, mining company large mill such sort of industrial powder project has to choose it. Henan attaches great importance to the independent innovation, each year the company will put into more than 6% of the sales profit for development of new products. The company has developed overpressure ladder-shaped, high pressure roller suspension grinding, centrifugal impact crusher equipment gained national patent, VSI vertical shaft type impact crusher, Europe version jaw crusher equipment won the science and technology achievement prize. And now has launched new Europe type coarse grinding mill. company will win proud repeatedly with high quality, good reputation, and comprehensive service.
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