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By kaixin666
Metal crusher is the core part of the metal crushing production line and its research and development and manufacturing has great important to the improvement of the utilization level and quality of waste steel and realization of upgrading and updating of metal recycling and processing equipment.As SBM eco crusher production line has advanced technology, wide processing range, high production capacity and it can separate non-ferrous metals and remove the non-metallic foreign matters and process high-quality steel with high purity, and what is more, the machine has little environment pollution in the crushing process, it is honored as the most advanced waste steel processing equipment.
The crushing principle of metal crusher is making use of the hitting of the hammers. The waste steel sent by chain scraper conveyor falls into the metal feeder, and after the push-and-pull of the feeding roll and the extrusion moulding of the reshaping roll, it will go into the metal crusher.
Driven by the high-speed large torque, the rotor of the metal crusher makes the hammers axially distributed on the circle hit the waste steel that goes into the crushing chamber in turns. Inside the space form be the lining board and the hammers, the steel is crushed to the size conforming to the design requirement. The crushed waste steel gets kinetic energy from the hammers and rush to the grating bar or the rest waste steel with high speed; and the steel smaller than the gap of the grating bar will be discharged from the gap onto the vibrating conveyer, and the steel bigger than the gap will be impacted by the hammers and rub with the rest steel and then be crushed, and finally will be discharged from the gap of the grating bar after reaching the qualified granularity. While crushing the waste steel, the iron rust and paint on the surface of the waste steel will be separated and the powder dust will be gathered and processed by the dust collecting system on the top of the crusher.

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