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By wellpromotion
1. The leather bag is the same kind of active material as the shoes. It uses the same leather bag every day. It is easy to cause the elasticity of the leather to be tired. Therefore, it should be used like a shoe. If the bag is inadvertently wet, You can use a dry towel to dry the water first, and then stuff some newspapers, magazines and the like in the shade, do not expose it directly under the sun, which will make the beloved bag fade and deform.

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2. Eraser can be used. If it is a relatively shallow dirt that can suddenly appear, it can be disposed of immediately. The most common student rubber, don't want the kind of children to make a variety of shapes and colors, and even candy. The focus is on the kind that does not slag.

3. Scrap stockings have many good uses and can be used to maximize the use of the remaining shredded soap. It is also a leather goods. This is very ideal for the floating ash that is just starting to clean the leather parts or the stains that are not too dirty. But be careful, you must wear the ordinary silk stockings stockings and the like that are not faded.

4. Soft brush can be used to wash the face of the bristle soft brush, the kind of shoe brush can also be, mainly soft, not too hard, otherwise it will damage the cortex. The toothbrush can also be used to see the area that needs to be cleaned up. It is mainly used to clean up the relatively strong old flowers or the dust on the canvas bag stuck in the seam. This is also a good way to solve the dirty bag.

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