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By Rebornhito
In a world of neutral feet and stability shoes, we often forget the rare supinator—underpronating and

underrepresented. For those whose feet actually roll outward slightly when they run, the Ride ISO 2 fills a void. The

shoe uses two types of foam: a softer Everun topsole that sits closer to the foot, and a more substantial PWRfoam

underbelly to saucony ride womens dampen impact where you hit

the road.

The design cradles the foot a little deeper in that top layer, made from thousands of bouncy TPU pellets, which lends

more support while still remaining accessible to neutral feet. Like its predecessor, the Ride keeps its titular ISOfit

upper, with floating eyelets for fine-tuned lacing, that gives a secure fit through the midfoot. And although this

version feels slightly saucony ride 10 womens firmer in the

heel, it’s still a softy overall.
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