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SBM is committed to the powder industry's ultrafine mill machinery and equipment more than 10 years of innovative and substantial development. In the market there are many loyal customers and considerable sales. High-quality ultra-fine grinding to customers with high efficiency, high yield, high yield of production, many processing enterprises are the only choice.
In the production of ultra-fine grinding, after the bulk material is crushed to the required particle size of about 1cm by jaw crusher, the material is sent to the storage hopper by the hoist, and then the material is evenly and continuously sent to the main mill room for grinding by the electromagnetic vibration feeder. The grinded materials are sent to the powder feeder for classification by the air flow of the fan. Under the action of the impeller of the powder feeder, the materials that do not meet the fineness requirements fall into the grinding chamber for re-grinding, and the materials that meet the fineness requirements enter the cyclone powder collector through the air flow, are separated and collected, and are discharged into the finished powder through the discharge device.
If the ground material contains a certain amount of water, The amount of heat that is generated when you grind, the gas in the mill chamber evaporates and expands to change the gas flow rate of the system, In addition, the problem of sealing at the junction of the feed port and the pipes causes the air flow in the system to lose balance. For this reason, the ultra-fine powder mill guides the excess gas into the bag filter through the exhaust pipe valve arranged at the air outlet of the fan, and discharges the excess gas after being purified, so as to realize the environmental protection production while adjusting the air flow balance of the system.
SBM adopts high-quality materials and design principles for the processing of wear-prone parts such as grinding rolls and rings. In the work, the grinding roller of the ultrafine mill is not in contact with the grinding disc, and has less wear and long service life. The grinding roller can be turned out to the outside of the casing for inspection and repair, and the roller sleeve can be replaced, the lining plate is convenient and fast, and the shutdown loss can be reduced. Single lubricating station is used for roller lubrication, and double pump-mdash is used for single roller circuit. The mode of pumping and working at the same time not only makes the roller bearings lubricated and cooled, but also avoids the leakage of oil stored in the roller bearing chamber.
What are you hesitating about with such material processing equipment? Ultra-fine grinding is worth more than that. When the right equipment is selected for you, SBM will tailor you to the quality of the production program, ultra-fine grinding will also shine.
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